"To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death" ... Luke 1:79

ELCOME to Beacon Ministries.

"The Pit"

A homosexual fell into a pit and couldn't get himself out. A pharisaic fundamentalist came along and said, "You deserve your pit." A psychologist came along and said, "Accept your pit. That way you'll be happy." An apostate liberal came along and said, "Your pit is God's beautiful gift to you." A gay activist came along and said, "Fight for your right to stay in your pit." A researcher came along and said, "discrimination against pits is illegal." A charismatic came along and said, "Just confess that you're not in that pit." Respectable people came along and said, "We don't associate with pit-dwellers." His mother came along and said, "It's your father's fault you're in that pit." His father came along and said, "It's your mother's fault you're in that pit." BUT Jesus, seeing the man, loved him, and reaching into the pit, put his arms around the man and pulled him out.

Beacon Ministries exists as an outreach to ALL WHO SEEK FOR THEMSELVES,  freedom from same-sex attractions, thoughts, desires and behaviors.

Many believe that homosexuality should be either unconditionally accepted or, to the other extreme, completely condemned as an "unforgivable sin." Beacon Ministries, however, holds to God's biblical truths concerning sexuality while offering caring and unconditional support to those who struggle with same-sex attractions.

It is our desire to help those who seek freedom from same-sex attractions discover the awesome power of God's love, mercy, grace and forgiveness which have the power to heal the destruction and deep pain involved with homosexual struggles.

Beacon Ministries holds to the belief that there is a very real difference between the thoughts and temptations of same-sex attraction, which are generally not a result of choice, and homosexual BEHAVIOR which IS an act based on CHOICE.

It is also our stance that homosexuality is but one result of the fallen world of sin in which we live ... no greater than any other sin. God CAN and WILL forgive ALL.

While standing firmly on the conviction that it is NOT God's will for homosexual relations, Beacon Ministries does not exist to judge, condemn, argue, nor debate. It is rather our mission and purpose to reach out with love and compassionate support to those among us who struggle with same-sex attractions and desires.

Beacon Ministries provides information and such support to anyone who desires freedom from the bondage of homosexuality through the life changing experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We also provide support and education to parents and to spouses as well as to churches which desire assistance in responding in a compassionate and biblically sound manner to persons who are impacted by homosexuality.

For more information, please email us. May God bless each and every one.

In His Service,
Nello Pozzobon
Founder / Director